Messy Church

Lyndon Methodist had been keen to start a Messy Church for a few years, so when Rick Carstairs joined the team in 2015 it was one of the first things he got started on. This is what he has to say:

Actually, I had never heard of Messy Church but once I had researched it, I realised it was something I could definitely run with and thought it would be a massive asset to the Lyndon Community.

So we ran our first back in 2015 and it has become a much looked forward to monthly event by young and old alike. It attracts people of all ages but especially appeals to young families. Two hours of crafts, story time, singing and eating together. Children and adults join in the fun together. We celebrate birthdays, achievements, families and life itself.


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“It enables me to spend real quality family time with my kids” – Full Time Working Dad.

“It shows church as it should be….. a big thank you to Rick and The Team”.

“My baby has been coming to Messy Church since he was 6 weeks old ….. he cries every time he sees Rick, but we persevere…. a Lol!! ”

“Crystal (aged 6 going on 8 ) is the first to arrive 15 mins early…. asking mum, is it time to go to church yet?! ”

” Me and my family can’t get every time, but when we do, we are made so welcome from the Team”.

“So much effort is put into the themes and planning, they always make it look so special for us.”

“The crafts are great……it’s not just toilet rolls and newspaper …lol! We always go home with at least one special item the kids want to put in their memory boxes”.

“As a Foster Carer with a handful of children (at times) I have found Messy Church at Lyndon invaluable…..we have even driven back a day early from The Caravan holiday to get the kids to Messy church they ( and us !) love it so much. It has helped my Foster kids develop, interact and grow, a much needed source in the community”.

“Rick and The Team encourage the children in prayer, bible stories, songs and scripture, which impacts the children’s lives for the better”.

Messy Church is usually on the first Saturday afternoon of each month – 3.30pm-5.30pm – we always publicise upcoming sessions on our events page and on our Twitter feed.

God Bless from Rick and the messy Church Team